Below are examples of items that are worn by members of the 139th Co. F. Prior to purchasing goods please contact any member of the company.  

Uniform items – (top to bottom, left to right)  - Brogans: rough side out, federal issue style - Socks: rag wool or civilian cotton style (inner layer only) - Shirt: muslin or cotton, federal issue or civilian (pattern optional) - Trousers: sky blue infantry pattern - Hat: 1858 forage cap or bummer - Fatigue Blouse: four button dark blue federal infantry version  

Accoutrements – (left to right) - Canteen: tin 1858 US issue with sky blue, dark blue, brown, or gray wool cover - Haversack: black tarred cotton with roller buckle - Belt: black leather with US buckle - Cap Box: Shield front, black, not US stamped - Bayonet scabbard for Enfield rifle - Shoulder sling for cartridge box with federal eagle breastplate - Cartridge Box: Model 1855 black leather with US box plate - Model 1858 Enfield Rifle Musket - Rifle sling: brown leather  

Optional items – (left to right) - Wooden chair - Overcoat: light blue infantry pattern - Vest: civilian or military style - Folding canvas chair  

Personal items – (top to bottom, left to right) - Blanket: blue or gray wool or homemade quilt - Tarred poke sack - Cotton poke sack - Brass cup - Knife, fork, & spoon - White cotton gloves - Wool sleeping hat - Tin mucket - Tin plate - Pocket watch - Lantern - Matches & match safe - Playing cards - Housewife (sewing kit) - Handkerchief  - Knapsack: double bag model - All items are sitting on a vulcanized rubber ground cloth  

Downtime in camp

Ready for battle